16 Jun 2010


I have been given a list of quotes from customers and volunteers which were said during our 10 days in Hay on Wye and which we thought you might like to share.

Our first classic quote was from one of our founder members when she asked "Is there a Greggs in Hay". Now anyone who has ever been to Hay would just know that there wouldn't be a Greggs there as the winding streets and cute shops (including bakeries) just aren't suitable for a Greggs. So B? you can't have your cake and eat it I'm fraid !

Saturday, 29th May was our busiest day of the whole festival and we had in excess of 185 visitors. We took several photographs of happy and beautiful customers and our
70s platform boots certainly atracted alot of attention with one lady saying that her husband designed such boots in the 70s and she felt sure he may have designed those.
Also we overheard 2 ladies saying that the shop was the best they had seen about which we were very pleased considering the shop had only been thrown together for 10 days.

On Sunday our Betty Draper style housecoat was grabbed from the model by an Irish lady who was working in Paris so watch out for it on your next visit to the Eifel Tower.
A lady from New Zealand bought a full length Laura Ashley dress to wear on her sheep farm in New Zealand hoping to play at being Jane Austin!

On Monday we had a giggle when a lady bought a beautiful black velvet dress after being told by another customer it looked nice even with the lurex decoration. She had liked it because of the lurex decoration.

A lady from London invited one of our volunteers to attend a networking event at Westminster and invited me to open a pop-up shop in Covent Garden where she has got an exhibition space.
Very Eliza Dolittle.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we sold mainly Laura Ashley floral dresses probably because of the summer weather.

Thursday and Friday were also very busy days with lots of interest in the shop.

On Saturday a lady confessed that she had her sister had worn Welsh tapestry capes as children and found them very warm.

Sunday was a tidy up day with all hands on deck to bring any remaining clothing back to our Abergavenny shop.

Hope you have enjoyed our days in Hay and we really look forward to seeing you all again either in Abergavenny soon or in Hay next year.

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