19 Jun 2010

Vintage Books: The Household Guide

I have been reading a book called 'The Household Guide' which was printed in 1941 and thought you might be interested in some of the contents.

Under the title 'The Happy Housewife' is this Daily Time-Table.

7am - Rise. Draw curtains. Open windows. Clean sitting-room and dining room.
8.15 am Prepare breakfast. If your husband or other member of the family has to
leave home before 8.45, leave the sitting-room until after breakfast and
serve breakfast at the required time.
8.30am Serve breakfast.
9.00am Turn down beds. Clear away breakfast things. Wash up and return everything
to its proper place washed and ready for the next meal. Tidy sitting-room
if not already done before breakfast. Tidy kitchen premises.
10.00am Do your shopping. Limit yourself to perishables to save time and on
Friday or Saturday purchase all groceries and other stores.
11.00am Make beds. Clean bedroom or bedrooms, stair-case if you have one, and hall,
bathroom etc.
12 noon Prepare midday meal and lay table.
1 pm Serve midday meal.
2 pm Clear away, wash up and return everything to its place, ready for the next
3 pm Clean kitchen premises. Set and cover tea-table, wash out tea-cloths and
finish any odd jobs. Prepare everything as far as possible for the evening
meal. Spend 30 minutes or so attending to your toilet, your hair, hands
etc., looking over your wardrobe, and seeing to immediate necessities.
4.30 pm Free to entertain or rest or attend to children, if any.
6 pm Prepare evening meal and prepare bedrooms for the night.
7 pm Serve meal.
8.30 pm Clear way, wash up etc.
9 pm Free again !!!!!!!


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