29 Mar 2012


Hats by Vintage Vision
Hats, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in.

I wonder why people feel the necessity to try on any hat that comes into their possession and not always with the desired result. However, we all had a great laugh at the Vintage Fayre trying on the vintage hats and I think we all look very dashing don't you ?

27 Mar 2012

Dancers At The Vintage Fayre

Picnik collage by Vintage Vision
Picnik collage, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Once again the dancers at our Vintage Fayre were a roaring success with their amazing costumes and intricate footsteps.

21 Mar 2012

Tea and cakes at the Vintage Fayre

036 by Vintage Vision
036, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Look at this awesome cake and beautiful crockery that were available at our Vintage Fayre. Too good to eat ? Not for long!

9 Mar 2012

Vintage Vision Fayre

Untitled by Vintage Vision
Untitled, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Don't forget our Vintage Fayre tomorrow, 11th March, 10 am to 4 pm, in the Market Hall, Abergavenny where 22 stall-holders, dancers and tea and cakes will be waiting for you. See you there !