25 Sep 2012

Macmillan Coffee Morning

macmillan leaflet by Vintage Vision
macmillan leaflet, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

In 1911 a young man named Douglas Macmillan watched his father die from cancer. His father's pain and suffering moved Douglas so much he founded The Society for the Prevention and Relief of cancer.

Douglas wanted advice and infromation to be provided to all people with cancer, homes for patients at low or no cost and volunteer nurses to attend to patients in their own homes.

Today much of Douglas' legacy lives on. They are still a source of support for people living with cancer and a force for improving cancer care.

In recognition of this work Macmillan coffee mornings are being held all over the country. Vintage Vision are hosting theirs in Vintage Vision shop this Friday, 28th September at 11am. Tickets cost £5, are available on the day or can be reserved.

21 Sep 2012

50s Cocktail Dress

001 by Vintage Vision
001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Sorry but you are too late to buy this elegant 50s cocktail dress as it was donated on Thursday, dry-cleaned on Friday and sold on Saturday. Proves 'The early bird catches the Worm'

20 Sep 2012

The Pot and Pineapple

Sweet Shop by Vintage Vision
Sweet Shop, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

We now have an amazing old-fashioned sweet shop named the Pot and Pineapple in Abergavenny. A brainwave of Amandas this delightful shop is situated at 37, Cross Street and has a vast selection of your all-time favourites including Cinder Toffee, Flying Saucers, Sour Apples etc. Pop down and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

9 Sep 2012


Negligee 3 by Vintage Vision
Negligee 3, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This unique negligee with its gorgeous tiered sleeves is available from Vintage Vision for £35. It was worn when on honeymoon in 1962

The negligee, from the French neglige, is a form of women's clothing consisting of a sheer, usually long, dressing gown. It is a form of nightgown intended for wear at night and in the bedroom. It was first introduced in France in the 18th century, where it mimicked the heavy head-to-toe women's dresses of that time. By the 1920s it began to mimic women's satin single-layer evening gowns of that period.

Modern negligees are often much looser and made of sheer and semi-translucent fabrics and trimmed with lace or other fine material and bows. Multiple layers of fabric are often used.

1 Sep 2012

Mum's New Coat

037 by Vintage Vision
037, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

My mother in 1936 when she would have been 17, modelling what is obviously a new outfit. I imagine it was a summers day going by the number of leaves on the trees but if you had a new coat with a huge fur collar you had to wear it no matter what the weather.