2 Dec 2012

Winter Wonderland

Tati Bocs by Vintage Vision
Tati Bocs, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.
Saturday was another most enjoyable day in Blaenavon when we visited their Winter Wonderland.
Pictured in our Blaenavon shop are two of the founders of Tati Bocs a group of women who meet  to create beautiful crafts including tree decorations, gift boxes, necklaces, greeting cards etc from recycled fabrics and wool. In the photograph Karen and Alison are putting finishing touches to their stall in Vintage Vision.

29 Nov 2012

Blaenavon Winter Wonderland

This weekend Blaenavon are holding their annual Winter Wonderland weekend. It promises to be a dry crisp weekend and great fun for all.
Vintage Vision shop in Blaenavon has a vast amount of vintage stock and if you can't find what you want in the Abergavenny shop, this would be a great opportunity to visit Blaenavon and call in on Lydia who will be delighted to help you find what you need.

28 Nov 2012


Lydia by Vintage Vision
Lydia, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.
8.15 Sunday morning, both my camera and I were bleary eyed, when I spied Lydia with Janet and her husband (hardworking new volunteer) putting the finishing touches to the Market Hall.

27 Nov 2012


Cakes by Vintage Vision
Cakes, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

We are very sad to say Goodbye to Tracey and her family this year, as they are unable to provide and serve delicious cakes in our cafe area in the future due to work committments. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done for Vintage Vision and good luck for the future.

Penpergwm House

055 by Vintage Vision
055, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

How lovely to see the ladies from Penpergwm House at our Vintage Fayre on Sunday. They had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the singer and dancers.


051 by Vintage Vision
051, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.
With borrowed shoes, belts etc. Jo and Lucy still managed to look very elegant on the catwalk at our vintage fayre.

Dancing at the Fayre

040 by Vintage Vision
040, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Watch out 'Strictly' this couple are definitely in line for first place. Along with the rest of the group they once again entertained us at Sunday's fayre.

26 Nov 2012

November Vintage Fayre

Stalls at Vintage Fayre by Vintage Vision
Stalls at Vintage Fayre, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.  As in previous years we had a fantastic number of stalls at our Vintage Fayre with an excellent selection of vintage items including clothing, pottery and jewellery. Thank you very much to all the stallholders for your support and also to all the customers who braved a very cold day to be with us.

Vintage Fayre

037 by Vintage Vision
037, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

We had an amazing day yesterday at Vintage Vision's Vintage Fayre with some wonderful comments! Read Cath Barton's blog at www.thebestof.co.uk to see how much she enjoyed the day.

20 Nov 2012

K Shoes by Clarks of Street.

A8D2t4ECAAEjknn by Vintage Vision
A8D2t4ECAAEjknn, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

The 1960s made a radical break with the past. when London began to swing 'with it' or 'fab' places being Carnaby Street in the West End and the King's Road, Chelsea.
The 'sensation of America' came to Britain in 1961 when Chubby Checker's record 'Lets Twist Again' stayed in the Singles chart for 30 weeks. The Twist became the most popular dance of the decade - now couples danced separately.
These 'funky' 60s K Skips shoes by Clarks would certainly have been worn during these fab times and we have several pairs of them up for grabs at our Vintage Fayre in Abergavenny Market Hall, this Sunday.

13 Nov 2012

Vintage Vision Fayre

Vint vis 001 by Vintage Vision
Vint vis 001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Our next exciting Vintage Fayre takes place on Sunday, 25th November in the Market Hall, Abergavenny. We have more stalls than ever and all our old favourites too so don't miss out on a wonderful day!

12 Nov 2012

Councillor Sam Dodd, Mayor of Abergavenny

001 by Vintage Vision
001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Vintage Vision's official opening party was held last Thursday. We were overjoyed by the number of customers, friends and volunteers who attended but especially pleased to welcome Councillor Sam Dodd, Mayor of Abergavenny.

Abergavenny Civic Society

007 by Vintage Vision
007, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Members of Abergavenny Civic Society enjoying Spam, Jam and Do-nuts last Saturday.

Abergavenny Civic Society

There was a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere in the Pensioners' Hut, Abergavenny on Saturday afternoon, when the Abergavenny Civic Society held a Jam, Spam and Do-nuts event to co-incide with Remembrance Sunday. As part of the festivities our gorgeous models, Adelle, Alice and Velda paraded some amazing 40s fashions including a stunning 40s wedding dress.

6 Nov 2012

Christmas Shopping

Untitled by Vintage Vision
Untitled, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over it is time to seriously think about Christmas Shopping. At Vintage Vision we have some amazing vintage gloves, jewellery, hats and bags that would make ideal Christmas gifts for friends and relatives alike.

25 Oct 2012

52 Frogmore Street

52 Frogmore Street by Vintage Vision
52 Frogmore Street, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

We are almost there!

New volunteers, new carpet, white walls,
52 Frogmore Street has it all!

Since opening the doors of our new shop on Monday, we have been amazed by the large number of new and old customers who have called in to wish us every success in our new premises. Thankyou to you all.

20 Oct 2012

Steady Progress

PicMonkey Collage by Vintage Vision
PicMonkey Collage, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Thanks to all the volunteers and friends of Vintage Vision who have worked so hard to get our new shop ready for opening next week - we couldn't have done it without you! As you can see everywhere looks much cleaner and brighter and, hopefully, you will soon be seeing beautiful vintage clothing on this blog again.

17 Oct 2012

New Premises on Frogmore Street

This is a before and after shot of Vintage Visions new shop at 52 Frogmore Street, Abergavenny.
As you can guess many hours of hard work were needed to make this transformation but, hopefully, we are on target to open again for business on Monday, 22nd October. See you there!

15 Oct 2012

Wedding Dress

DSCN0631 by Vintage Vision
DSCN0631, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This elegant wedding dress was modelled by Nia Lewis at our recent Wedding Fayre. Doesn't she look amazing? The photographs were taken by Robin Noble at Cwtch Studio and this is just one of the large number of gorgeous wedding dresses we had on show.

3 Oct 2012

Vintage Wedding Fayre - This Sunday!!!

002 by Vintage Vision
002, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

006 by Vintage Vision
006, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Wer all had a lovely day last Friday raising money for Macmillan Cancer Care by eating delicious cakes and drinking tea. Unfortunately it was also our last day in Lion Street but we are looking forward to moving to our new premises in Frogmore Street in the very near future.

25 Sep 2012

Macmillan Coffee Morning

macmillan leaflet by Vintage Vision
macmillan leaflet, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

In 1911 a young man named Douglas Macmillan watched his father die from cancer. His father's pain and suffering moved Douglas so much he founded The Society for the Prevention and Relief of cancer.

Douglas wanted advice and infromation to be provided to all people with cancer, homes for patients at low or no cost and volunteer nurses to attend to patients in their own homes.

Today much of Douglas' legacy lives on. They are still a source of support for people living with cancer and a force for improving cancer care.

In recognition of this work Macmillan coffee mornings are being held all over the country. Vintage Vision are hosting theirs in Vintage Vision shop this Friday, 28th September at 11am. Tickets cost £5, are available on the day or can be reserved.

21 Sep 2012

50s Cocktail Dress

001 by Vintage Vision
001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Sorry but you are too late to buy this elegant 50s cocktail dress as it was donated on Thursday, dry-cleaned on Friday and sold on Saturday. Proves 'The early bird catches the Worm'

20 Sep 2012

The Pot and Pineapple

Sweet Shop by Vintage Vision
Sweet Shop, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

We now have an amazing old-fashioned sweet shop named the Pot and Pineapple in Abergavenny. A brainwave of Amandas this delightful shop is situated at 37, Cross Street and has a vast selection of your all-time favourites including Cinder Toffee, Flying Saucers, Sour Apples etc. Pop down and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

9 Sep 2012


Negligee 3 by Vintage Vision
Negligee 3, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This unique negligee with its gorgeous tiered sleeves is available from Vintage Vision for £35. It was worn when on honeymoon in 1962

The negligee, from the French neglige, is a form of women's clothing consisting of a sheer, usually long, dressing gown. It is a form of nightgown intended for wear at night and in the bedroom. It was first introduced in France in the 18th century, where it mimicked the heavy head-to-toe women's dresses of that time. By the 1920s it began to mimic women's satin single-layer evening gowns of that period.

Modern negligees are often much looser and made of sheer and semi-translucent fabrics and trimmed with lace or other fine material and bows. Multiple layers of fabric are often used.

1 Sep 2012

Mum's New Coat

037 by Vintage Vision
037, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

My mother in 1936 when she would have been 17, modelling what is obviously a new outfit. I imagine it was a summers day going by the number of leaves on the trees but if you had a new coat with a huge fur collar you had to wear it no matter what the weather.

29 Aug 2012

Bernat Klein Outfit

Klein by Vintage Vision
Klein, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Bernat Klein, who lives in the Scottish Borders where he spent most of his career, is one of the most highly regarded textile designers of the twentieth century. His fashion textiles were sold to the leading couture houses of Paris and London.

We were, therefore, extremely fortunate and grateful to have this amazing psychedelic outfit donated to Vintage Vision together with illustrations, colour choices etc.

28 Aug 2012

Macmillan Cancer Support

photo by Vintage Vision
photo, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

On September, 28th, we are hosting a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This will be held at Vintage Vision at 11 am and everyone is very welcome. Tickets cost £5 each and are available at Vintage Vision or can be reserved.

This event is part of the World's Biggest Coffee Morning to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Care. In 2011 51,000 people signed up for a coffee morning and £10million was raised. The event began when a local fundraising committee decided to hold a coffee morning and ask people to donate the cost of the coffee to Macmillan.

Margot Fonteyn

002 by Vintage Vision
002, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This gorgeous heavily beaded top was bought in 1966, and was worn while the owner was a student at The Royal Academy of Dance in Holland Park. It was bought for a cocktail party at which the Guest of Honour was Margot Fonteyn.

22 Aug 2012

Black and White at Vintage Vision

003 by Vintage Vision
003, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

"What is it about wearing a tuxedo or little black dress that makes us feel confident, beautiful or even invincible?
We put on formal wear and suddenly we become extraordinary".

Quote from The Perpetual Calender of Inspiration.

Hats Galore

001 by Vintage Vision
001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Round or Square
Or Tall or Flat
People Love to Wear a Hat
........ And Vintage Vision is obviously the place to buy them!

16 Aug 2012

Different Styles of Wedding Dress from Three Decades.

A wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Colour and style can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. In Western cultures brides often choose a white wedding dress which was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.

Nowadays 75% of wedding dresses are strapless, sleeveless gowns which are easier to alter to fit correctly.

13 Aug 2012

002 by Vintage Vision
002, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Birchgrove WI

001 by Vintage Vision
001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

After a very successful demonstration at Birchgrove WI, Clare Barrett, President, was eager to try on this gorgeous vintage dress which is available for £30 from Vintage Vision.

8 Aug 2012

Titanic Outfit

PicMonkey Collage by Vintage Vision
PicMonkey Collage, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

As part of our recycling effort we decided to dye this beautiful outfit which was badly stained when it came to Vintage Vision. It is now a gorgeous shade of blue but, unfortunately, some of the staining is still faintly evident. Great for a Titanic party though!

Modern Needlework

003 by Vintage Vision
003, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This very interesting vintage book on needlework was kindly donated to Vintage Vision by Audrey Morgan and belonged to her mother-in-law in the 1940s. Her daughter belongs to Border Lacemakers where Amanda recently gave a presentation on vintage fashion.

2 Aug 2012

Golden Girl

cath recycling by Vintage Vision
cath recycling, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

With Olympic fever hitting the country, Cath, our Wednesday volunteer, decided to recycle redundant window decorations for her Olympic outfit.

1 Aug 2012

Alice modelling a wedding dress

alice in wedding dress by Vintage Vision
alice in wedding dress, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

We were very lucky to have Alice for work experience at Vintage Vision as she became a great asset to the shop not only by modelling the clothes but she spent a great amount of time adapting outfits for customers and became very involved in all aspects of vintage clothing.
In this picture she is wearing a bridal outfit that will be featured in our forthcoming Bridal Fayre at The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny on 7th October betwwen 11am and 4pm. Outstanding wedding suppliers from all over the UK will be present and this is an event not to be missed if you are planning your big day.

Great day for a White Wedding!

001 by Vintage Vision
001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This stunning wedding dress was donated by a local lady who wore it during the early part of 1960. Its is a gorgeous dress, can be bought for £150 and is in immaculate condition.

Staff from Blaenavon School

These lovely ladies are the staff from Blaenavon School beautifully dressed for a Victorian Heritage Walk. The costumes were supplied and made by Vintage Vision with sewing help from Communities Frist volunteers.

7 Jun 2012

Hanging Around

015 by Vintage Vision
015, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

At at the end of a perfect day of meeting people, chatting, advising and laughing, we were left with several empty coat hangers. Still, new stock tomorrow!


014 by Vintage Vision
014, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Adelle, one of our pretty volunteers, posing in a dress she later bought even though it was a little too large for her.

Stunning Outfit

012 by Vintage Vision
012, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This stunning dress was modelled by an even more stunning lady in Hay today. She sadly didn't buy this dress because she chose two others from our amazing range but I have a feeling she will be back!

A Very Wet Thursday in Hay on Wye

010 by Vintage Vision
010, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Even though the rain was torrential outside customers made a beeline for our lovely vintage shop in Hay and enthused over our excellent stock.

24 May 2012

Stunning Outfit from Vintage Vision

001 by Vintage Vision
001, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This photograph features Yvonne who is a volunteer and model for Vintage Vision looking absolutely stunning in an outfit she bought from the shop. It is a 1940's dress and was worn for a Diamond Jubilee dinner.

Vintage Vision at Hay-on-Wye

002 by Vintage Vision
002, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

June 1st to June 10th, we will be opening a pop-up shop in Hay for the third year running. This is always a great opportunity to meet lots of new customers and fill our Famous Visitors Photo Album. So far Jenni Murray and Anne Robinson are in it and this year we are holding out for Mary Portas and Mariella Frostrup.

21 May 2012

Jubillee Window


Jubillee Window, a set on Flickr.

Vintage Vision are now ready for the Queen's Jubillee with a wonderful window display in red, white and blue. There is traditional bunting, a 1953 china Coronation cup and saucer and a Queen Elizabeth vintage toffee tin as well as vintage clothing.