30 Oct 2010


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Don't you adore these fantastic mens' red shoes - I do! They are hand made in leather and are size 7. Great for party wear and at just £25 they are a great leather and lace combo.

New shoes, new shoes
Red and pink and blue shoes
Tell me which would you choose
If you had some to buy ?


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Takes place on the 3rd November, 7 pm at Vintage Vision, Lion Street, Abergavenny. Bring two items of clothing (non vintage) you want to exchange, pay £5 for a ticket, get a glass of wine and swap two items with two others from our rails of top quality swaps, including Coast, River Island and Monsoon items.


Would you like to have some fun with a small group of women playing with material and stitching to make a fabric book or card? Would you like to learn some basic sewing techniques using recycled fabrics, buttons and anything else you can find in your sewing box to create something new, either to keep or give as a present?

If so, Vintage Vision is hosting a series of 4 workshops, starting on Wednesday 10th November from 10 am to 1 pm, led by Dawn Parsons. It will cost £25 for the 4 sessions and you can put your name down (with a £5 deposit) at the shop which is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 10 am and 4 pm.

It would be great if you could bring with you any pieces of material, silks/cottons, wools, buttons and anything else (eg fastenings)to the workshops that you want to use for your projects, although there will also be materials available for you to buy or swap with others.

29 Oct 2010


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How about this very 70s Abba outfit in cream crochet. It looks amazing and would be ideal for a 70s party but you would need your thermals on !


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I bought these very elegant hats from a vintage store in Detroit, Michigan. They had a wonderful selection of hats and I could certainly have bought more if my luggage allowance was greater. I love the one with the feather and the small cresent shaped one but my favourite has to be the Jacquie Kennedy sytle hat in white and yellow polka-dot.

Yellow pill box hat

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28 Oct 2010


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Hi folks, I am back from two glorious weeks on holiday in the USA. Of course I didn't waste my time sightseeing in the usual way - I went vintage shopping! I met some amazing people and bought some fantastic vintage hats and outfits which I hope you will enjoy sharing with me, so here goes ....

We spent two days in Toronto, Canada, where I found a delightful vintage shop and bought this trendy crocheted top in different shades of pink. It has long sleeves which become wide at the cuffs and looks great with today's fashionable jeggings.

10 Oct 2010


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"Looks like its all over for Vintage Vision for a while now that their fashion extravaganza was such a fantastic success, they will all need a well earned rest. "

"Oh no not likely they have another swishing evening planned for Wednesday, 3rd November, 2010 - that's where you pay a fiver, take two items of clothing to swap and get a glass of wine into the bargain and shortly after that it will be party time as they celebrate their first year of trading"

7 Oct 2010

IT'S TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Oct 2010

Vintage Fashion Extravaganza - here we come!

Getting excited about next week's fashion show - and the loan of one of the original dresses from Cliff Richards' 'Summer Holiday' film! Took one of our young volunteers, Amy, out to take a trip on a London bus and recreate the feel of the film. Thanks to Londonbus4hire.com for being so kind - doesn't Amy look fab!

and if you want to see the dress in its original setting - take a look at this: