28 Jun 2011


I thought you might like to see this lovely note we had from a new recruit to Vintage Vision:

Thanks for letting me join your group. I visited the Abergavenny shop last week and thoroughly enjoyed my time in there. So did my friend Dawn who bought a delightful navy silk kimono style dressing gown. We attended the Swishing night on Wednesday, it was our first experience of swishing and we had a ball. Dawn was lucky with her finds. I was not so lucky but enjoyed the evening all the same. We shall recommend it as a good night to our friends and we shall return without a doubt. Best wishes to everyone we met.

26 Jun 2011

PVC SUIT (1025)

PVC SUIT by Vintage Vision
PVC SUIT, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

If you're looking for a trendy PVC trouser suit to use at a festival or just to keep dry, this could be just what you need. It is in navy and white PVC and is made by Quadrant of London. It is available in Vintage Vision for £30.


RED DRESS by Vintage Vision
RED DRESS, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

What about this raunchy little number - our male model seems to like the look of it !
Makes you wonder what they get up to after the shop is closed !
The dress is made by Debenhams and is a fantastic shade of red. It is a size 12 and available for only
£35 so come on 'live a little'.


SEERSUCKER by Vintage Vision
SEERSUCKER, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Hi Folks! Sorry I haven't been blogging for quite a while but I have been away on holiday. However, while I was absent, we had some fantastic donations in the shop and one of them is this very eye-catching seersucker dress in very plae blue/green. It is a beautiful dress with it's secretary bow neckline and we teamed it up with one of our amazing belts to complete the look. At £15 is a real bargain !

6 Jun 2011


WEAKEST LINK by Vintage Vision
WEAKEST LINK, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

We were amazed and a little bit nervous when Ann Robinson visited our shop in Hay on Friday. She readily agreed to having her photograph taken and wasn't at all scarey !

5 Jun 2011


WAR BRIDE by Vintage Vision
WAR BRIDE, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

On an overcast Bank Holiday Sunday our pretty young model posed with soldiers from the Blaenavon Heritage group wearing a beautiful 1950s wedding dress.


004 by Vintage Vision
004, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

Although everyone agreed that this dress looked gorgeous the smiling customer decided against it as she didn't think yellow was her colour. What do you think ?


003 by Vintage Vision
003, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

The nautical styling of this coat caught the eye of this pretty young girl when she visited our shop in Hay and resulted in her mother buying it for her. Another outfit which she liked was the cream and blue floral dress and jacket on the rail behind her.


002 by Vintage Vision
002, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

When she bought this handbag the lady pictured screwed up her own bag and put it inside. Just one of the happy customers we had in Hay last week.


006 by Vintage Vision
006, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

This very unusual cream dress with its contrasting pockets was bought by the girl in the photograph. She loved the dress and was interested to learn that it had been bought in America.


005 by Vintage Vision
005, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

The sun brought these two lovely ladies in to our pop-up shop in Hay last Friday but unfortunately they almost ended up not being friends as they argued over the outfits. The girl wearing the cream Frank Usher dress eventually won and was very pleased with her purchase.


We had a great time at Abergavenny Steam Rally over the Bank Holiday weekend even though the weather was wet on the Monday. We met lots of interesting people and our dressing-up box caused a great deal of amusement (mainly with the men) as they tried on our vast array of wigs. Our attractive young models did a fantastic job as they paraded in our vintage clothes and had their photographs taken with some of the vintage vehicles.