30 Jan 2011


JEWELLERY COLLAGE, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

25 Jan 2011


STOP PRESS ! Our next big adventure is a Vintage Fayre in the Market Hall, Abergavenny, on Sunday March, 13th. Lots more information to come but, if you know anyone who wants a stall, please ask them to get in touch at info@vintagevision.org.uk. Everyone else make sure you put the date in your diary, it's going to be fab !!!!

23 Jan 2011


005, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Unfortunately we haven't got many of these crocheted blankets left in store and with their amazing colours and warmth these will probably sell soon too.


002, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Cathy, one of our enterprising volunteers, displayed these pretty earrings around the brim of this vintage hat - what a good way to show some of our collection whilst keeping them in pairs.

MENS TOILET SET (or peek a boo)

012, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

This handsome set was brought into Vintage Vision on Saturday and we are very grateful to have it. In the real leather zip-up case is a hairbrush, two shakers, a comb and a mirror (sorry not a self-portrait) and at just £20 any man would be silly to go travelling without it.


006, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

If you are a keen sewer or just like craft generally, we have a marvellous range of vintage material in our shop. This is just a small selection and we look forward to watching you browse through our full range.

20 Jan 2011


002, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Sorry to bring you down to earth after looking at the amazing holiday spots in the 30s but in reality this is what holidays were truely like in my youth. This is my sister and I having a rave in the North of England in 1953 with a few pebbles for amusement and a swimsuit that was obviouisly too small. Ah well, dream on.

19 Jan 2011


swimsuits, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

In the 1950s although the bikini was the latest fashion in swimwear, synthetic materials achieved some striking effects with the one-piece costume.


HOLIDAY CAMPS, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

For those who could afford a week's holiday the seaside beckoned, and holiday camps dotted the coast - about 100 by the end of the decade. Billy Butlin opened a holiday camp in Skegness in 1936 and Clacton-on-Sea in 1938. Each chalet had its own electricity and cold running water and entertainment was provided whatever the weather.

18 Jan 2011


CULOTTES, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Culottes are very smart and amazingly comfortable and this pair in dark blue are no exception. They are a size 16 and priced at £20.


JACKET, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

This Chevron patterned jacket will be very popular I am sure. It was brought to Vlintage Vision on Friday , is approximately a size 10 and is manufactured in France. It will look fantastic when you are out on your Lambretta and is available for £25.


003, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Two pairs of men's tennis shorts from the late 70s/early 80s were donated to the shop on Friday. They are great fun and the navy pair are slightly larger than the white ones. I am sure John McEnroe wore the white ones at a Wimbledon final.

16 Jan 2011


chair, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

My daughter transformed this boring old chair with some 1970s material to give this dramatic effect. Definitely worth the effort and quite easy to do!


GAS COOKER, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.


13 Jan 2011


004, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

I would like to confirm that this picture is not of our sewing class but I am sure Health and Safety would have a field-day with this little lot! To complete the competition put little crosses on the deliberate mistakes.

12 Jan 2011


002, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Packaging has changed quite a lot since the 1950s but many of these brands are still popular today. Sunday was chocolate day in our house with a walk with dad to the local sweet shop resulting in a bar of chocolate from this selection. Unfortunately in the 1950s the only dentists were school dentists and gas was used to numb the patient so this Sunday joy was usually short lived.


ABERGAVENNY MUSEUM, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Good luck to the staff of Abergavenny Museum with their Weddings and Christenings Exhibiton which runs from Saturday 8th January to
8th May. We were very pleased that you chose to exhibit one of our wedding dresses in your display.


PINAFORE DRESS, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

I am not sure of the exact date of this pinafore dress although I am told it is late 70s or early 80s. I have tried to investigate the history of the dress but without much success. However, it is a very attractive pinafore dress by South (Littlewoods label) and looks great over a blouse or jumper. It has the original South label on it with washing instructions and is a Uk size 12. It is in a grey/white polyester with a Viscose lining and will be in Vintage Vision at the end of the week.

60s/70s day dress

003, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Rodney and Jan Reid is the label on this very stylish 60s/70s day dress which will be in Vintage Vision on Friday. It is 50% Polyester and 50% Viscose and is a size 14/16. It is fully lined in Acetate. The dramatic brown and white pattern with matching brown belt create a fantastic look in this very easy-to-wear day dress.

boots and shoes

boots and shoes, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

What an amazing array of colours and styles were available in the 60s and 70s. These boots and shoes are a fine example of this and are copied by some shoemakers today.

8 Jan 2011


shirts, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

For generations of men the office shirt had always been white. Suddenly the trendy young man could cut a dash with waist-hugging shirts in a wide range of pastel shades. Ben Sherman shirts were one of the most popular brands at this time.


007, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

There were several spooky pictures available in the early 70s. This is just one of them. The lady appeared to be watching you wherever you went in the room but I think she is rather beautiful don't you?

727 - coat

727 - coat, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

This very attractive 'Skaters' style coat completes the perfect outfit with this Carnegie dress (ref 726.£30). It is size 10/12 with decorative fastenings and back belt. Available at Vintage Vision for £45.


004, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

A selection of material from the late 60s and early 70s which was made into bed covers, curtains etc. Colours were very important at this time and these patterns proved to be equally popular with the younger and older generations. I had my GUEST BEDROOM (the one we didn't use) completely decked out in the purple variety of this material which included curtains, bed cover, pillows and one wall of matching wallpaper. No wonder we didn't get many guests!

7 Jan 2011


003, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

The 1960s made a radical break with the past. Top models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy wore the latest fashions, particularly the revealing mini skirt. The Biba shop set the pace in the late 60s for small boutiques all over the country.

The fresh young looks of Twiggy burst on to the fashion scene in 1966 when she was nominated 'face of the year'.


001, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

This was a very racey advertisement for its day and was the cause of several boyfriends/husbands rushing out to buy this product for their girlfriends/wives. Shame we didn't all look like this in them !

4 Jan 2011


SUNDAY SCHOOL, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

Last photograph for a while I promise!
Sunday School trips were always the highlight of the Sunday School year. We all used to climb on to a rusty old double decker bus and were taken to a farmer's field which was never very far from home. On arrival we generally played 'Dodge the cow pats' and then sang a few hymns after which we were given a paper bag which contained our picnic. Great times.
In this picture I am the baby in the bonnet at the front and my sister is on the left with bunches. My two cousins are also there and my mother is standing directly behind me. Family affair eh ?


004, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

My mother again (front row with beret) at a chapel outing. I love the different fashions in this picture and they have all obviously saved up for quite some time for their outfits.


002, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

On holiday in 1971 my soon-to-be husband and I pose for a photograph beside the bandstand in Weston-Super-Mare. The words GROOVY and TRENDY spring to mind.


MOTHER, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

This photograph shows my mother in the back street behind her home in approximately 1935. She was 15 years of age at this time and this was her first bike. I think she looks too smart for cycle riding and wonder if she wore her Sunday best for this photograph.