20 Nov 2012

K Shoes by Clarks of Street.

A8D2t4ECAAEjknn by Vintage Vision
A8D2t4ECAAEjknn, a photo by Vintage Vision on Flickr.

The 1960s made a radical break with the past. when London began to swing 'with it' or 'fab' places being Carnaby Street in the West End and the King's Road, Chelsea.
The 'sensation of America' came to Britain in 1961 when Chubby Checker's record 'Lets Twist Again' stayed in the Singles chart for 30 weeks. The Twist became the most popular dance of the decade - now couples danced separately.
These 'funky' 60s K Skips shoes by Clarks would certainly have been worn during these fab times and we have several pairs of them up for grabs at our Vintage Fayre in Abergavenny Market Hall, this Sunday.

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