2 Mar 2011


007, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

We have two Savile Row mens suites available in Vintage Vision which are expertly made with fantastic attention to detail.
Most single-breasted suits have two or three buttons,and one or four are unusual. It is rare to find a suit with more than four buttons although zoot suits can have as many as six due to their longer length.
Suit trousers are always made of the same material as the jacket. Even from the 1910s to 1920 wearing a suit jacket with odd trousers was an alternative to a full suit.
Trouser widths have varied considerably throughout the decade with trousers in the 20s having straight, wide legs, the 50s and 60s having a more slim look and the 70s offering a wide variety of styles of trousers including flared, bell-bottomed and the more traditional tapered trousers.
A good quality suit , ie. Savile Row, would have a small loop behind the button hole to hold the stem of the flower and functional cuff buttons would be found on high-end or bespoke suits and this feature is called a Surgeon's cuff.

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