9 Aug 2010

Clothes Swap Evening

DSC_0135, originally uploaded by Vintage Vision.

We at Vintage Vision are having our very own swishing evening on Wednesday 25th August - 7pm - 9pm.

How does a clothes swap work?

Buy a ticket for £5.
Bring two pieces of good quality clothing that you no longer love. We will add it to the clothes already on display and give you 2 vouchers.
Have a glass of wine, meet new people and relax in our beautiful shop.

Browse through the racks and find something new to fall in love with (you can try it on in our changing rooms).
If you want it, simply give us one of your vouchers and take the item home!

Hey presto! An evening out, some new clothes in your wardrobe and saving the world ....all for a fiver!

Tickets available at Vintage Vision or phone 07818168955.

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